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Press Release - January 2015: Grant Parish Sheriff Warns Residents of IRS Income Tax Scam
Sheriff Steven McCain is warning the public of an income tax scam being committed over the telephone, as well as e-mail. With income tax season approaching, Sheriff McCain encourages citizens to be vigilant against these scams. 

It usually begins by a telephone call from someone claiming to be an IRS Agent and that they owed money. The caller tells the resident that if the money wasn't paid within an hour, the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office would be coming to his house to arrest him. On a subsequent call, the caller tells the resident the money has to be paid immediately or they would be arrested by the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office. The residents are told to send the money via Western-Union or some other similar form of payment. Callers may also instruct residents to send in the payment via a pre-paid debit card.

The calls may be placed from telephone number 888-283-7948. The telephone number is fake and was possibly "spoofed," which means that callers can deliberately falsify the telephone number and/or name relayed as the Caller ID information to disguise the identity of the calling party.

 The IRS recently reported that this scam is being committed nationwide, is on their "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams for this year, and has been surging in recent months. When committed by way of email, it is referred to as "phishing".

Sheriff McCain is providing the following tips to prevent from being a victim:

     1.    If someone calls saying they are an IRS agent and demands that you send money immediately, hang up. The IRS will contact you by U.S. mail first. And, they will never demand immediate payment by phone or ask for credit card or debit numbers.

     2.    Report the incident to the Treasury Inspector for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484.

     3.    Never provide personal identifying information, such as name, date of birth, social security number or PIN number to someone you do not know.


Press Release - January 2015:
The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of another scam that has made its way to Grant Parish.  The calls are coming from Jamaica and the caller tells you that you have won a sizeable amount of money along with a Mercedes car.  The only thing that you need to do is pay a 5% processing fee.  The caller goes on to give you instructions that the processing fee can only be paid with a “green dot money pack reloadable scratch card.”  The callers have been very persistent, calling multiple times to try and convince people that they are legitimate.   “Please be aware of anyone that is asking for personal information over the phone and offering something that sounds too good to be true,” stated Sheriff Steven McCain.     

Press Release - January 2015:
The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office has concluded its investigation into the death of Mrs. Bobbie Chevallier of Pollock.  Mrs. Chevallier was found unconscious in the back yard of her home suffering from bite wounds to the lower half of her body the day before Thanksgiving last year.  She died from her injuries several days later. 
"This case was originally reported as a stray dog attack", stated Sheriff  Steven McCain.  The investigation revealed however, that there was no sign of a struggle or resistance by Mrs. Chevallier which, along with her diabetic condition, led investigators to believe that she may have possibly been unconscious when she was bitten.  The autopsy was completed last week and the pathologist determined that Mrs. Chevallier was unconscious before the encounter with the dogs.  
A number of dogs belonging to a next door neighbor and a stray dog believed to have been involved in this incident were seized following the investigation and have been euthanized.  No additional attacks or incidents have been reported since this incident.
The investigative report will be turned over to the Grant Parish District Attorney’s Office for its review and any further proceedings.

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