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NOTE:  Bulk mailings are NOT permitted at and will be denied.

Grant Parish Detention Center has updated our system for sending mail to offenders.  All offender mail will be sent to a central processing facility, not the Detention Center where an offender is located.  At this central facility, mail will be opened, scanned and emailed to the offender.

Please note that mail that is addressed illegibly or incorrectly may be delayed or returned.  All offender mail should be mailed to the following address utilizing existing jail facility mail rules. Grant Parish Detention Center

Offender Name / Number

2252 Tower Drive

Suite 108-251

Monroe, LA 71201

Legal Mail

Legal mail must be mailed directly to the detention facility and must be sent by a legally approved entity (License Attorney of Record.)

Business Documents

Business documents must be mailed directly to the jail facility.  These include:

  • Checks

  • Passports

  • Deposit Slips

  • Birth Certificates

  • Social Security Cards

  • Driver's License

  • Alien Registration Card / Green Card

  • Welfare Card

  • Medical Card

  • School Diplomas

  • Personal Identification Card

​To mail official documents, use this address:

ATTN: Business Office - Offender Name / Offender Number

Grant Parish Detention Facility

485 Richardson Drive

Colfax, LA 71417

Official documents sent directly to the institution will not be delivered to the offender, rather will be transferred to the business office and held on file for the offender.  Any general offender correspondence for the offender included with official documents will be destroyed.

Official documents received at facility will be forwarded to the Grant Parish Detention Center for proper distribution after they are certified as official documents.

Transactional Documents

For transactions that require the offender to sign or otherwise enter information on an original in order to carry out a transaction (i.e. endorsing a check, transferring a vehicle title, etc.) the original document must be mailed as follows:

ATTN: Business Office - Offender Name / Offender Number

Grant Parish Detention Facility

485 Richardson Drive

Colfax, LA 71417

The Business Office/Designee will coordinate a time for the offender to review and sign documents if desired.  Any general offender correspondence which is included with transactional documents will be destroyed and offenders will not be permitted to keep original documentation sent through this process.

Mail Requirement for Offenders

All offenders are permitted to send and receive mail.  Mail can be sent to anyone EXCEPT: victims of your crime, inmates, former inmates, parolees, probationers, co-defendants, current or former Jail employees, current or former contract employees, current or former volunteers, anyone who has an active Protection from Abuse Order against the offender that prohibits such contact.

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