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Safe Exchange Zone

The Grant Parish Sheriff's Office has created a Safe Exchange Zone program in order to provide the residents of Grant Parish with a safe location for child custody exchanges and for the completion of Internet sales transactions.


The Safe Exchange Zone is a program for the residents of Grant Parish.  The program provides a safe location for child custody exchanges as well as for in-person meetings between online buyers and sellers. Residents are encouraged to use the Safe Exchange location as a public meeting place for these types of transactions.


"With the increase of people buying and selling items through the Internet and the need for a safe place for a child custody exchange, we wanted to make a location that people could feel safe", stated Sheriff Steven McCain.


In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of safety related incidents stemming from online transactions, the most publicized being Craigslist, but other social media platforms present safety concerns as well.


The Safe Exchange location is at 220 Cedar Street in Colfax, LA.  The location is well lit and has 24-hour video recording of the area.  In addition, the location is directly adjacent to the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office.

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