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Bonding Information

Bonding transactions can be completed at the Grant Parish Detention Facility.

Cash Bonds apply when cash is used for the total amount of the inmate's bond.

Surety Bonds apply when a Bail Bonding Agency provides an insurance power for the inmate's bond. The bonding company generates a fee for using their services. The Grant Parish Detention Facility does not make recommendations for bonding companies and is in no way involved in the money transaction between the bonding company and the party posting the bond.  

Property Bonds apply when an individual utilizes land as a form of collateral for an inmate’s bond. The property must be assessed by the offices of the Assessor and Clerk of Court in the parish where the property is located. That assessment must be submitted to the Detention Facility in the form of the original paperwork. The assessed value of the property is multiplied by 10. The final value must be at least the amount of the bond, and ALL owners of the property must be present with valid photo identification.

Release on Recognizance Bond or "R.O.R." bond applies when a Judge orders the release of a detainee by having him place his signature on documents bonding the detainee to appear in court on the indicated date. Only a Judge can authorize this bond.

Fines and Costs apply when a Judge allows a detainee to pay fines and court costs associated with the violation in order to be released from custody. This is usually done on charges of Contempt of Court for failing to pay fines and court costs and Child Support.

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