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COVID-19 Operations

The Civil Office is open to the public, however masks or face coverings are highly recommended.  Additionally, there is a mail slot in the front door of the building for items to be dropped through.  Any questions regarding the Civil Office functions (sales tax, property tax, bonds, fines, etc.) should be directed to the Chief Civil Deputy, Mariann Coolman, at 318-627-2026 or  Sales taxes can still be paid through the internet.  Traffic tickets and property taxes can be paid through the internet using our website by clicking here.

The Detention Center is now open to the public on an as needed basis.  Outside items will not be allowed to be brought into the Detention Center for the offenders.

We apologize for any inconveniences these changes may cause.  Please understand this is for the well being and safety, our deputies and their families, and our parish as a whole.

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