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Prohibited Firearm Possession - Domestic Violence

If you are the subject to prohibited possession, please download this instruction sheet for your reference.

If you are transferring your firearms to a third party, please download and complete this form:

Pursuant to Title XXXV C.C.r.P Arts. 1000-1003 Domestic Violence Prevention Firearm Transfer Law, the order to transfer firearms and suspend concealed handgun permit shall be submitted to the “Sheriff” means the sheriff of the jurisdiction in which the order was issued, unless the person lives outside the parish where the order was issued. Then “Sheriff” means the Sheriff of the parish in which the person resides.

Important Locations

Grant Parish Sheriff's Office Detective Division

100 8th Street, Colfax, LA 71417


Grant Parish Clerk of Court

Grant Parish Courthouse - First Floor

200 Main Street, Colfax, LA 71417


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