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Report of Business Theft Results in Arrest of Bentley Man and Lena Woman

The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office received a report that someone had stolen a DVD from a business. The suspect ran out of the store with the DVD after he had tried to pay for it with a credit card that was declined. Once in the parking lot, the person threw the DVD to a lady that was waiting in a vehicle and they sped away. Corporal Jimmi McCully was able to locate the vehicle at a house near Bentley and found the two people hiding in a closet.

David Perkins, 25 years old, of 5726 Hwy. 8, Bentley, was arrested for Theft, Resisting an Officer, Simple Littering, and Obstruction of Justice.

Alanis Farmer, 20 years old, of 108 Caster Lane, Lena, was arrested for Theft and Resisting an Officer.

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