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Local Students Awarded for Good Behavior and Grades

Learning to respect others. Good manners and doing well in school. These lessons build our character and helps make us better members of our communities. Doing these things can also reward us, as one group of children experienced.

Sheriff Steven McCain and the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office held a reward day for a group of students who had showed outstanding improvement both in grades and personal character over the last six months. G.P.S.O. had partnered together with Colfax Elementary school in a project that aimed at helping the kids become better in the classroom and improving their behavior toward others.

Teacher Ariana Christopher said that through the program, the students realized that their teachers cared about them and wanted to see them succeed. The children changed their perspective and started to believe in themselves. The kids began to work hard and show respect toward their teachers and other students, and they were rewarded. Grant Parish Detention Center’s Chaplain Ardic Fields also played a big part in helping the students change their ways by coming in and teaching them important life lessons, according to Christopher.

Both Sheriff McCain and Christopher praised the children for their hard work and commitment to improving.

“Every time that we have a chance to make a positive impact on a child’s life, I think that it is worth all of our efforts. As the Sheriff, I believe that my job is much more than just arresting people. We have a chance to truly make a difference in our parish, and the children are our future,” said Sheriff McCain.

“It’s starting to make a difference. They know what’s it’s like to have fun with somebody and have somebody care about them,” according to Ms. Christopher.

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