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Back to School in Grant Parish!

It’s that time of the year again. Sheriff McCain wants to remind everyone to use a little extra caution when traveling in the mornings and evenings as school buses will be on the roadways. “Our children’s safety is one of my utmost concerns”, stated Sheriff McCain. As schools in Grant Parish get back in session, here are a few safety tips to consider when traveling about:

  • Understand that school buses will be making frequent stops

  • Pay extra close attention for children waiting in driveways for the bus

  • Use extra caution when passing schools

  • Watch your speed. The speed limit is greatly reduced during mornings and evenings.

  • Do not use your cell phones near or in school zones. Not only is this extremely unsafe, it is now also illegal.

  • Be more observant near crosswalks at schools as some children may be walking to school.

“Going back to school is not something that all students look forward to but, it is my hope that all of our students have a safe and enjoyable school year and that great success comes to all.” stated Sheriff McCain.

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