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Report from Business Results in Arrest of Alexandria Man

The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call from a business of someone refusing to leave and harassing customers. When Deputy Ethan Hemphill and Corporal Jimmi McCully arrived, they found the person attempting to hide in shrubbery. The deputies also discovered that the person had hidden a pistol in the shrubs. The man refused to cooperate with the deputies and refused to give his name. Once put in the patrol car, the man kicked the door of the car enough to bow out the door of the car.

Kendrick Lanehart, 33 years old, of 2241 East Sycamore, Alexandria, was arrested for:

• Illegal Carrying of Weapons

• Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

• Contempt of Court

• Resisting an Officer with Force

• Simple Escape

• Obstruction of Justice

• Disturbing the Peace

• Criminal Damage to Property


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