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Yellow Dot

Citizen's and First Responders Working Together to Preserve the "Golden Hour" of Emergency Care!

The Yellow Dot Program was created to assist citizens following automobile crashes when they might not be able to communicate for themselves.

"A YELLOW DOT in your rear window will alert all First Responders to the vital information in your glove compartment.  This will help ensure that you receive the medical attention you need during that first "Golden Hour" after a crash or other emergency involving your vehicle." - Sheriff Steven McCain

How Does the Yellow Dot Program Work?

First, a photo is taken of the participant.  The photo is later attached to the front side of the information sheet.

Next, complete the form which has the participant's personal information including name, address, phone number, etc.

Then, place the YELLOW DOT decal in the lower left corner of the rear window of your vehicle, or the lower left corner of a motorcycle's windshield to alert first responders that vital information can be found in the vehicle or cycle.

Finally, place the YELLOW DOT, folder containing the photo, and information sheet into the glove compartment of autos or storage compartment of motorcycles where first responders are trained to look when they see a YELLOW DOT on the automobile or motorcycle.


That's all there is to it!


All of these items are freely available.  They may be obtained at our administrative office or from any patrol deputy.

For more information or to sign up for the YELLOW DOT program, contact us at 318-627-3261.

Sign up today for yourself and your family!

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